Robert Brian Lee, a 49-year-old American, received 15 years behind bars for beating and torturing his dog.

Finding Bubba

Police were alerted of this situation by a neighbour; they visited the home of the accused and found his Pitbull, Bubba, in a very bad state. The poor dog had a fractured skull, muzzle, as well as infections and burns on his head.

Justice is Served

These kinds of cases of animal abuse are often left unpunished. Thanks to the hard work of the police, animal control services, a judge and a prosecutor, this man got what he deserved. He will be going to jail for 15 years!

The authorities also found three other corpses in Robert Lee Brian’s garden. Autopsies were done on the three dogs and results show that they were abused as well.

A Fresh Start

Bubba is now healed, and he is looking forward to being adopted by a loving family. We hope he will get his happy ending, living in luxury to the end of his days.

If you know of anyone abusing an animal, please do not hesitate to call the police or any animal shelter/ control. We need to stand up to people who are cruel, together!

Source & Photos: Credit du chien

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