The beautiful Duchess, a bull terrier, was shot dead by a policeman when she ran out to greet him from her family home. The policeman was there to tell them that their car door was open.

Warning: Graphic content

This sad story takes place in Florida, where Gillian Palacios opened her front door when she heard someone knocking. Duchess ran out to greet the police officer who then shot her in the head three times.


The family who was very distraught to have lost their dog, weren’t in any trouble with the police and don’t understand why their dog was killed. Duchess was not being aggressive and did not bark at the man, she was simply curious and wanted to say hello. There is surveillance footage that supports the family’s claims.

The police officer claims that the dog charged at him and that is why he shot her. He said that animal services would come and fetch the dog. The policeman has since been put on administrative leave.

Gillian had this to say: “Before I could even do anything, the officer had a gun out and shot her three times in the head.”

Source: Metro

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