Birthdays are always very special, but when you are the oldest living manatee in captivity, it is even more special. Especially when hundreds of fans gather every year to celebrate it!

More About Snooty

Snooty the manatee is a star in Florida and celebrates his birthday on 21st July every year. He weighs around 450 kilograms and is in very good health. He eats about 80 lbs of lettuce and vegetables every day and lives with three other manatees.

Born In Captivity

Snooty was born in 1948 in captivity. Fisherman had caught his mother Lady when she was pregnant with him. The average age for a manatee is around 40 years in the wild. In this case, Snooty’s 67 years are very impressive. They have even earned him a Guinness World Record!

Manatees are on the endangered list. They are becoming extinct because of collisions with sea vessels and hunting.



Snooty enjoys being around humans and doesn’t pay much attention to the other manatees. Snooty is a very special animal to everyone at the South Florida Museum. “He is a one-of-a-kind animal,” said CEO Brynne Anne Besio.

Happy Birthday Snooty and may you have many more!

Source: Guinness World Records

Photo Credit: Nature World News

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