Here we go! Here are the winning photos of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018, and they are brilliant!

Every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are held to showcase the most fabulous and funniest photos of gorgeous animals from all over the world! The pics below showcase a selection of some of this year's winners.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are all about conservation. Wildlife is in danger, and they wish to spread the word. If you would like to see even more hilarious pictures, then go and check out their new book "Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Vol. 2." Your money will help raise funds for 'The Born Free Foundation' and you get to give yourself, a friend, a partner or a family member a little stocking filler!

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Award winners 2018

The overall winner of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is Mary McGowan, for her gorgeous photo entitled "Caught in the Act".  One thing is for sure, there is a lot of talent in each and every one of the photos!

The People's choice and Creatures of the Land awards

Mary McGowan and her fab photo of a very shocked squirrel!

The Amazing Internet Portfolio Award

Congratulations to Valtteri Mulkahainen! Here are a couple of his gorgeous photos from his portfolio!

Having a little bear dance!

The Highly Commended Winners Category

Mr. Moose being a bit rude! Taken by Barney Koszalka.

This bear is a little fed up! Beautifully snapped by Dannielle d'Ermo.

Looks like the polar bear is trying to take the perfect picture! Photo taken by Roie Galitz.

Just a squirrel doing the splits! Taken by Geert Weggen.

Who wants a hug? Or a slow dance? Photographed by Sergi Savvi.

The Junior Category Award

Arshdeep Singh with this 'hoot' of a picture!

The Spectrum Photo Creatures of the Air Award

Peek a boo little guy! Fabulously snapped by Shane Keena.

The Under the Sea Award

This award goes to Tanya Houppermans's smiling shark!

Photo credits: listed above and courtesy of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Check out their website and Facebook page!

Which photo is your favourite?

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