Despite the cold, there was snow stopping yesterday’s Sausage Walk where close to 1,000 Dachshunds and their pawrents turned up to Greenwich Park in London.

The first Sausage Walk for 2018

The regular Sausage Walk in London was held yesterday in conditions unexpected for a springtime walk.

Hundreds of Dachshunds took to Greenwich Park in central London under falling snow and temperatures of no more than 0 degrees. Brrr...

The regular events are organised by Catherine Hennigan, Katherine Sofoluke-Brown (pictured with her husband Peter and their pooch George the Sausage), and Grace Ang-Lygate. The ladies met on Instagram one year ago over a shared love of Dachshunds, and apart from being Sausage owners, they also realised they had a lot in common.

The ladies organised the first event shortly after meeting for none other than a “bit of fun” and thought they might get 30 pups and their pawrents along. 100 dogs turned up and they’ve been organising the events every 3-4 months since with the number of attendees on the up.

Thanks to the unexpected publicity received, the girls have since used the event as a means to raise awareness for dog charity StreetVet, a charity that provides free care to the homeless and their dogs on the streets of London, Brighton, Bristol, and Cambridge.

Yesterday’s walk finished up at the local Kings Arms pub where participants indulged in a pint and sausage roll - of the traditional pastry variety!

News of yesterday's event has travelled worldwide with TV news stations covering the event in Australia, The Netherlands, USA, and UK.

We're snow excited for the next Sausage Walk!

Photo credit: GeorgetheSausage

Video credit: MildredtheSausage

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