Our pets are very important to us and most people would agree that they are a part of the family. These days it is very normal for couples to get a pet together before they have children! The dog or cat is the baby of the house until a child comes along.

Part Of The Wedding

Many couples are therefore including their pets in their wedding ceremonies, and they find the most creative ways to do so! Lisa and Scott Rogers have recently included their dogs in their ceremony. They dressed Shadow and Coco up in tuxedos and these two definitely stole the show!

“A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life and for many pet parents, family festivities would not be complete without their pet’s involvement,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.


Handy Tips

The Gladstone Observer gives three very handy tips for if you want to involve your pet in your wedding ceremony. Firstly, check that your venue is pet friendly. Secondly, choose a role your pet is capable of doing. Thirdly, brief the photographer before so they can think of fun ideas to include your pets in the photos!

A recent poll was done asking whether people would include their pets in their weddings, and 100% of the people who voted said definitely, their pets are a part of the family.

Would you include your pet in your wedding ceremony?

Source: The Gladstone Observer

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