Yoro Railway and Kitten Café Sanctuary in Japan recently collaborated on a unique project with the aim of promoting cat adoption. They filled a train full of cats for people to pet.

A unique idea for encouraging cat adoption

On the 10th of September, the train from Ogaki to Ikeno in the west of Japan was filled with adorable kittens. The adoption stunt brought together different breeds of cats to receive the love and affection of passengers on board, who in turn were also treated to lunch boxes and snacks.

All of the cats in question had all been saved from euthanasia by the Kitten Cafe Sanctuary.

chats au japon chats au japon

chats au japon

chats au japon

A fully-booked train journey

The event was, unsurprisingly, fully booked within a matter of hours.

Cat-loving residents of the area hope that events such as this one will help give stray and unwanted cats a second chance with a loving family who will care for them

Watch the video of the train journey below.

What do you think of the adoption idea?

Source: Love Meow

Photo credits: Yoro Railway

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