One of the most memorable days in many people's lives is their wedding day. It is generally shared with those nearest and dearest - the ones we love... So why not your dog?

Yes, we understand - bringing your dog to a big event like your wedding can be one more seemingly big thing to organise. But given you share your life with your fur friend, and we imagine they are your world, let alone you being their world, why not include them! 

In this article, we'll give you eight good reasons to include your dog in your special celebration. You'll not only have photo and hilarious moments to cherish forever, you'll also find that they can be very useful... You'll see!

#1 Your wedding invitation

Create a portrait of your pet to decorate your invitation. Everyone who knows you will (i.e. should!) know how much you love your four-legged friend. So who better to use for theming and put the call out to announce the fabulous news?


#2 They'll look adorable all dressed up

Whether you're opting for a relaxed beach wedding or seeking Hollywood glamour, a wedding outfit is a must whether you're on two feet or four. While dressing your pooch might be fit for the occasion and cute for you and your guests, don't forget their wellbeing in the process! Opt for something simple but smart like a loose bow tie or ribbon detail. A non-restrictive vest they won't overheat in could also step things up a notch! However, take care not to make your pet too adorable - you wouldn't want to be overshadowed! Oh who are we kidding...

#3 They could lead the bridal procession

The bridal procession is one of the most moving moments of a marriage. So why not include your beloved pet in the process? For example, they could carry a pretty bouquet or bucket of flowers in their mouth down the aisle (accompanied or unaccompanied depending on their reliability). After all, your dog has shared so many experiences with you so it might be easier than choosing between friends and upsetting someone in the process!

#4 Another point of view

Everyone wants to look back over photos and videos to remember the big day. Video footage can be an additional expense but often a very worthwhile investment. However, if you're really stretched on the budget front, why not do some filming of your own... or shall we say, why not get your dog to do the filming? If you don't have a GoPro, see if someone will lend you one for the day, hit record and let the dog roll with it. You never know, you could record some priceless memories you would have otherwise missed! But maybe secure a 'backup' videographer just in case, you know, the dog misses a key moment... (highly unlikely of course!)...

#5 Your dog and your guests' dogs

If you really love dogs, you could even invite those of your guests and organise little presents for them - nicely wrapped bags of treats and little toys so they don't get bored. If you're having an outdoor wedding, a grassed space will be perfect for them to run about on and socialise together instead of getting bored at home! It will also give the day's 'dog minder' some respite as well.

#6 Donate some of your presents to a shelter or wildlife association

These days, a lot of wedding presents consist of money. If you don't want to receive unwanted gifts for the home, you could always encourage your guests to make a donation directly to an organisation that is close to your heart, or put aside some of the money you receive to help better the lives of other animals.

#7 Original photos

All the classic wedding photos have been tried and tested - on the beach, surrounded by flowers, groom carrying bride and so on. While these are beautiful, ensure that a good portion of your keepsakes include your fur friend. Your pet will be with you in spirit for life, if not there in person one day, but you'll always look back on that special day and have photos to capture those precious moments. Start thinking about ways you can be creative with your dog during planning.

#8 Dogs in your decor 

Now, you may not want to go overboard with it, but integrating references to your pet throughout the wedding decor can bring about a lot of joy - for you and your guests. There's no need to be kitsch or extravagant - just simple and sweet should do the trick!

Have you ever been to a wedding where the dog was a central figure?

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