If you haven’t seen Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth, new Instagram account, you should go have a look! The Hunger Games hottie posts many photos of himself and his family, but the best part is the photos that he posts of his rescued dog, Tani.

Rescue Dogs

In previous interviews Hemsworth has expressed his love for pets and rescuing animals in need. It is great to see that he practises what he preaches and owns a rescued dog himself. Hemsworth’s dog, Tani, is a pit bull mix and we love their pictures together!

Tani Loves To…

Tani loves to go everywhere with the actor - she enjoys chewing on her favourite Thor toy, spending time with other rescue dogs and even helps out with babysitting Liam’s nieces!

We love the pictures of Liam and Tani together, and will definitely be looking out for more Instagram pictures in the future!

Source: The Dodo

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