Andre Gonciar and Laure Robichon saved up $ 30, 000 for a down payment on a house, but decided to spend the money on their pet cat Oki instead!

Rescuing Oki

The couple rescued Oki back in Romania, where the poor cat’s back legs were paralyzed and he was going to be put down.

“I looked at him and he started purring and playing with my beard. And at that point I looked at him and decided well, if you want to fight, let’s fight,” said Andre.

The Kidney Transplant

The couple who now lives in Buffalo travelled thousands of miles and paid $30, 000 for Oki to have a kidney transplant. His new kidney will give him at least another three years to live. Oki’s new kidney comes from the two-year-old Cherry, who the couple had to adopt as well.

The 8-hour surgery took place at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary hospital, and now a week later both Oki and Cherry are recuperating in their Buffalo home.

Oki Comes First

The couple decided to spend the money they had saved for a house on their cat because they loved their cat too much. Living in the new house without Oki would have been wrong so they would rather have more time with someone they both love.

Laure said that they didn’t think twice about moving forward with the surgery. Any extra time they have with Oki would be worth it!


With the operation being so expensive and further medicinal costs anticipated, the couple have set up a Go Fund Me! page to raise some money. If you would like to donate visit;


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