December is approaching fast, and it will soon be the time to think about the gifts to offer to our friends and family. Including our dogs, of course!

If you are lacking in inspiration, or if you want to make your gift yourself, here is a little tutorial to create a rope for your pupper. Simple to execute and requiring very little equipment, lets steal this excellent idea from FabYouBliss, American blogger.


- Several pieces of cloth,

- A pair of scissors.

Step by step:

- First step: define the desired length for the cord, as well as its thickness. For a big and long cord as pictured at the top of the article, use thirty strips of fabric 60 inches long. For a small dog (yorkshire, chihuahua ...), go for fifteen to twenty bands of 30 centimeters long, 2.5 cm large.

- After cutting your strips, tie them all together at one end. Or twice, depending on the size of the desired node.

- Separate the strips in three, to make a braid.

- Tie the second end.

It's finished!

Now you just have to wrap it up for Christmas.

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