The Self Cleaning Robot Litter cleans itself automatically and in record time.

This cat litter has been identified as one of the best litters on the market: indeed, it cleans itself after being used!

After the sensor has detected that a cat has used the litter, the machine takes only 7 minutes to clean everything automatically while other automatic litters linger for 20 minutes and leave excretions inside.

This litter box also removes excretions without blocks and clogs that generally affect the design and rake the mechanism of the litter, which can hurt the cat and lock the mechanism.

Instead, it gives animals a private space easy to clean, you just have to empty the "drawer".

It works with any clay-based litter .

A carbon filter helps prevent odors and the drawer can be used with plastic bags (not included) to remove waste more easily.

In short, a very nice litter that still costs a whopping $459. If you want to order it, click here!

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