As a dog owner, you have probably wondered how many times you should wash your dog. Well, look no further!

Dogs vs humans

After a long day of your dog playing and rolling in the grass, you may think that it would be a good idea for them to take a nice bath. Unless they have rolled in something less than ideal, there probably isn't any need. Dogs don't sweat like we do, and so, do not smell the same way we do!

Dogs don't need to be washed as much as us humans - only from time to time, even if they do spend most of their time outside.

Baths are necessary, but not all the time

Baths are an excellent opportunity to get a closer look at your dog's skin as well as cleaning them. Once your dog's fur is wet, it will be much easier for you to inspect the skin and maybe spot any strange bumps, cuts, or bald spots, including anything else that seems out of the ordinary. If you find anything, have a chat with your vet to see if your dog needs any treatment.

However, giving your dog a bath too often is not a good thing.

Dry or oily skin

If you bathe your dog too much, or not enough, they could develop skin problems.

Too many baths can give your dog oily skin, and if this happens, special ointment may be needed. Your vet can tell you how much to apply, as well as the amount of shampoo to use and any other details. If your dog has dry skin, you may be bathing them too often. You can speak to your vet about this too and find out what treatments you can give your dog.

Topical products

If your dog is following a topical treatment (applied directly to the skin or a specific spot), for example an anti-flea treatment, having lots of baths could decrease the effectiveness. Read the instructions thoroughly and adapt the amount of baths accordingly.

Tolerance and training

Lots of dogs can't stand baths. To help them enjoy baths more, you can train them. They just need to get used to water and shampoo. During this training, you must be patient and not force your dog too much so that they don't get scared.

A bath a month

You should be washing your dog about once a month. This depends on their environment, their type of fur, or of course, if they ever jump into a massive muddy puddle!

Don't hesitate to ask your vet about bathing your pup!

How often do you bathe your pooch?

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