Wag N Go is the "purrfect" travel bag for dogs on the go! Easy to pack, carry and use, you will have no reason not to take your dog on holidays with you!

Remember all those time you wanted to take your dog on holiday, to a sleep over at your friends or family's place, or to the pet sitter: packing for your furry friend was a mess.

Wag N Go was designed by Trina, the proud owner of Maggie. Trina is a traveler and a dog lover, she has lots of adventures to tell and is the "paw" behind the blog Wag the Dog UK and the amazing Wag N Go dog travel bag!


Trina explains her motivation behind Wag N Go:

 In the fall of 2007, I decided to travel to up-state New York for the Labour Day week-end. Like many of us, I wanted my new puppy to come with me for the long week-end. Little did I know as a first time traveller with pets that my new pup would require a bag of her own with all the essentials that she would need while away.

I was hoping to travel light, however once I started packing everything Maggie needed while away from home, I noticed that I had a slim bag for myself and a massive bulky bag for my dog.

 That's when she started thinking and researching what the "purrfect" dog travel bag would be like... And one thing is sure, she got it right!

 The Wag N Go bag carries all your doggies essentials:

  • Two Fresh-Seal containers - Can hold up to 7 cups of kibble each or use one for treats & toys. Dishwasher Safe
  • Silicone Travel bowl Perfect for meals, easy to store, easy to clean
  • Roomy zip pockets for your entire dog’s gear or even your own stuff. Integrated poo-bag dispenser.
  • Large double fleece sleeping blanket, an important factor to make your dog feel like home. Round & Washable!
  • All packed up in a slim line bag that you just pop over your shoulder.

The Wag N Go bag has been launched on Kickstarter, and now you know how easier it will make your life, it's time to get involved! Check out the project on Kickstarter!

I can't wait to get my Wag N Go bag!

Tell us what you think of this amazing dog bag in the comments below! 


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    Maggie C Thank you for your purrfect support! Big Meow! Maggie

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