At Yummypets we love cats, as you know, but we are also fans of Do It Yourself.

So when the web offers us cat project DIY's, we're the happiest!

We propose for you to discover some super easy tips to make your home enjoying the sunshine!

# 1 cat head ballerinas: to be cute toe to toe.

ballerines chat

The DIY ballerinas-kitten

# 2 Organisers of embroidery so your creative office no longer looks like a mess!

sorter son

The DIY storage

# 3 Frames, cushions, and everything you want with the image of a kitten.

broderie chat

The DIY embroidery

# 4 cushion cat whiskers : To dream of cats, even if you do not have one!

coussin chat

The DIY cushion

# 5 wool sweater bearing the image of a cat.

cat sweater

The DIY knitting

# 6 A small kitten keychain hook : yes, even your keys need to be as gentle as a kitten.

cat keychain

The hook DIY

# 7 Knees too meow : even your tights can be cat styled!

collants chat

The DIY sticky

# 8  Your plants will thank you, believe us!

mud cat

The DIY pot

# 9 Kitty stamp!

buffer chat

The DIY stamp

# 10 Finally, T-shirt designs with cat heads.


The DIY T-shirt

So what do you think? Ready to make DIY cat projects?

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