Playing occupies much of your cat's time. Sleeping or grooming are obligations, but playing is too! For a kitten, playing is very important, as it helps them to socialize. Remember that playing will help a nervous cat de-stress!

It is very important that you cat has toys within reach. Pet stores, supermarkets and websites full of various toys. So which one should you choose? Should we pay the price? Is a ball enough? Yummypets has some advice for you:

To entertain Felix, it usually takes very little! The cord of your sweater, a towel drying ... But the ultra modern toy that can only please your cat is the laser!

This little red dot will drive your cat crazy! On the ground, on floor, the laser will entertain your kitty while you are all comfy on the sofa! Just a small reminder to be very careful not to point the laser towards your cats, or anyone's eyes!

Quels jouets pour chats choisir ?

Clawing posts and cat trees are the basis for your kitty to have a fun time. They are very popular because the cat can scratch their claws on it. The material, toys, and hiding spots are very popular in the cat world!

Quels jouets pour chats choisir ?

Fishing rods are also toys of choice. Cats will appreciate the many feathers on the tip of the rod, as being of natural origin, the cat finds the smell of the bird and is excited by this toy that will transform your cat into a real hunter.

Quels jouets pour chats choisir ?

Another fun toy: the tunnel! Your cat loves to hide in nature and spy, so this toy is perfect! They can lie down peacefully or get ready to pounce, or cross it at full speed!

Quels jouets pour chats choisir ?

You also have the much cheaper solution: DIY toys!
Here are some ideas:

- Cardboard box: like Maru, every cat will have a lot of fun with a simple cardboard box, sleeping in it, or chewing it!
- The cork: single or attached by a string, your cat will spend hours playing with it!
- Fishing rod, or just a small plush!

Avoid aluminum balls, which are bad for their health.

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