This amazing man from China has spent his fortune on saving stray dogs from ending up at a slaughter house!

The Missing Dog

Wang Yan, from Gelong town, lost his dog in 2012 and in a last effort to find the missing dog he went to a slaughterhouse. Wang searched around the slaughterhouse and was allowed a look inside after a week, but unfortunately his dog was not there.


The Horrors Of A Slaughterhouse

What Wang did discover in the slaughterhouse really horrified him; the deaths awaiting the poor animals were bloody and cruel. Wang decided to buy the slaughterhouse with his fortune and to open an animal shelter in an abandoned steel factory.


The Shelter

Wang has kept up to 1,000 dogs at a time and this obviously does not come cheap. He has since reported that he is now in debt, after spending all his money on the dogs. This humble man does not ask for money donations but instead supplies to build a home for the dogs.

We hope that Wang will accept money donations after a while so that he can keep this amazing shelter going!

Source: Unilad


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