Subway systems all over the world are places where we see the most entertaining people doing the most entertaining things; they range from people singing to wearing strange outfits. New York subway system is no exception! There is no shortage of animals on the subways either, with dogs drawing attention without even having to make an effort in order to entertain us.


There is a lot of controversy with regards to dogs riding on the subway; some people love them and don’t mind, whereas others don’t want animals around. In New York, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority requires that all pets have to be in carriers while on the subway. There is however an exception for police dogs and service dogs, excluding therapy dogs.

Dogs Taking Over

Not everyone follows the rules however and in 2015, 219 people were issued summonses for breaking the Metropolitan’s rules. There was an incident last year where a woman and her dog took over three seats on the subway and she was dubbed “the most inconsiderate human in the NYC subway system” for this. Is this a bit harsh?

Showing The Way

It is understandable that animals could cause trouble on the subway if they cannot be controlled. In 1940 a German Shepard ran onto the train tracks in front of a train, he accompanied the train all the way to their destination! The dog was however adopted and driven in a limo to his new family in Connecticut.

What do you think? Should animals be allowed to roam freely on the subways? Or should they always be in carriers?

Source: NY Times

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