Diesel the RAID assault dog's death caused strong emotion and outcry in France as well as the rest of the world. Diesel was killed in a raid last Wednesday, in the Seine Saint Denis apartment. Following the dog’s death, people have expressed their sadness via social media, using the hashtag #JeSuisChien.

The Exchange Of Gunfire

A member of the elite police force said: “As soon as we arrived, there were many exchanges of gunfire and even grenades. Then calm returned, a quiet almost abnormal [silence]. [It was] very long.”

Following the silence, the police thought that the terrorists were killed so they sent Diesel into the apartment to find them. The dog inspected the first room and got through unhindered into the second room. This is when the police lost footage and heard gunshots that froze their blood.

The Loss of A Teammate

In a trembling voice, the elite policeman said that he hoped to see Diesel return, because sometimes dogs come crawling back even if they are injured. Diesel never returned because he had died instantly. Not only Diesel’s master will be mourning but the entire canine brigade, who feel they had all lost a member of their group, a teammate.

The Dog’s Role

The role of assault dogs is very important in these kinds of operations undertaken by the elite policemen.

“It opens the way for the rest of the column; [he] uses all his senses to detect the presence of people [through] hearing, sight and smell.”

Robots and drones cannot yet replace animals in these kinds of operations. The master and dog go through trials together over the years and a trust is created between them. They know each other very well and know how they will react in the field. The dog’s training is based on playing exercises, and this helps to establish a link with their masters and make their days more fun.

Support For The Police And The Dogs

The canine brigade was very touched by all the support and messages they received concerning Diesel. They even received gifts for the other dogs, which they could unfortunately not accept.

Diesel Remembered

Diesel, who was 7-years-old, was due to retire next spring. His master says that he was a dog that was quiet and liked to lie with his legs crossed, but he was very excited when they went into the field. Diesel was not a lapdog, but a true hero!

Source: RMC & BFM TV

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