Johnny, a polar bear who had lived at Sea World for 19 years, died unexpectedly during a medical exam.

A Sudden Death

Johnny was 24 years old and was under anaesthetic for a routine medical exam when he died unexpectedly. The vets at Sea World declared that everything was alright during the exam but the animal could have had a heart attack when he woke up.

“Although Johnny experienced a skin condition and lameness due to his age, his death was unexpected,” the vet said.

Debates About Sea World

While there is currently a debate about the orcas living in captivity at Sea World, many people believe that polar bears do poorly in captivity. Polar bears thrive in very cold temperatures and the man-made structures don’t come close to their natural habitat.

Johnny isn’t the only polar bear to have died at Sea World. Snow and Klondike have also had unexpected deaths at the park.

Johnny Will Be Missed

The staff at the park are saddened by the loss of Johnny; he was a part of the family there. They say it is similar to losing a pet you have had for years.

Although Johnny was loved at Sea World, it is not right to keep animals in a place where they cannot thrive. Hopefully they won’t acquire any other polar bears for the park.

Source: Care2

Photo: Sea World

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    Cat & Dog L Too sad. I feel bad for this polar bear. don't you all agree?