The incredibly loyal dog, Hachi, lost his owner in a road accident. Since that day, Hachi has returned to the place of the accident every day. He mourns the death of his owner by staying at this spot and barking.

“His owner died after a motorcycle accident. The dog followed behind. The accident was five years ago, but the dog stayed there ever since.” Says Roman Bilbao, who is a butcher on the Avenue Papa Paulo. His shop is just a few blocks from where the tragedy occurred and witnesses Hachi walking there every day.  

Many people have tried to adopt Hachi, but he refuses to leave the place where his owner died. This story has been made into a movie called Hachi, A Dog’s Tale, in 2009. It is a beautiful story of perseverance and the loyalty of a dog to his owner.

Source and Photo Credit: Misiones Custro and Jordana Net

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