It’s a question that divides opinion and says a lot about your personality: are you a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’? YummyPets, the leading social network for pets, is about to find out whether Britain is ultimately a nation of dog-lovers or cat-lovers, in what aims to be the biggest survey of its kind.

Opening today, is a simple voting mechanism on  For one month, the kittens, we mean mittens, are off – as cat-lovers and dog-lovers try to get one up on each other and decide which animal ultimately unites the United Kingdom. The poll will be open for one month, and at the end of this time, the victor will be announced.

Using their popularity to help get the voting started, are Yummypets’ Team Captains. Known as much for cat fights as puppy love are Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)’s original line-up, Captain of Team Dog, and Gabriella Ellis, former star of Made In Chelsea (MIC), Captain of Team Cat. Essex’s Amy Childs loves dogs – especially her pampered pug, Prince Childs – and has openly admitted she would rather lie in bed with her dog than her boyfriend. Posh totty Gabriella Ellis loves felines’ sultry independence and adores her two cats - Snowy and TC (Topcat).

Which pet will reign supreme and who will end up in the dog house? YummyPets wants you to help us decide and invites Britons to vote at ?


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