This week four internet celebrity pugs sadly passed away. As their fans say a final goodbye, we’ve created a little tribute to celebrate their lives.

Over the rainbow bridge

The Bumblesnot 2003 - 2017

Bumblesnot, the 14-year old rescue pug, sadly passed away yesterday.

Despite suffering a number of health problems in his life, Bumblesnot brought infinte happiness to his owners and to his 50k fans, who were devastated to learn about his passing.

Bumblesnot (also known as Buddy) found his forever home in 2011. His new family helped him to overcome some of his health issues and monitored him closely.

The adorable pug’s family members are known online as The Dark Haired Lady, The Tall Man and The Little Girl. He even had pug brothers and sisters!

Bumblesnot suffered from mobility problems in his back legs. At first he used a little dog wheelchair to walk about, but soon he was unable to walk at all. He loved trips out in his stroller though!

After a life filled with love, his health problems finally became too much for him. Although his family did everything they could, he crossed the rainbow bridge.

Internet tributes to the beloved pug are flooding in, and he will be sorely missed.

Violet the Pug 2005 - 2017

Known by her 53K followers for "sass, style, and snackies", Violet sadly passed away this week after a battle with cancer.

An advocate of pug rescue and adoption, Violet raised awareness, participating in events and fundraisers.

Her older brother Timmy was a rescue pug, so the cause is very close to their owner’s heart.

Violet was truly a queen! On social media, she referenced her owner as her assistant (a queen needs assistants!) and brought laughter and joy to thousands around the world.

Unfortunatley, it was recently discovered that she had cancer. Sadly, Violet did not make it. Fans have been contacting Violet’s ‘assistant’ to offer their help and support. She has said that if they wish to do so, fans can donate to Live Like Roo Foundation who assist dogs with cancer.

RIP Violet.

Loca the Pug 2009-2017

Loca was a true internet sensation. Best known for her trial videos, the little pug had trouble running, but that didn’t stop her from trying!

Her antics brought smiles to the faces of her fans, who in turn loved to follow her adventures. The videos included songs on various themes (and a few bad words!) and she soon became famous as The Dog That Can’t Run.

Loca's inability to run normally was caused by Ataxia, a neurological disorder that affects balance, but doesn’t necessarily cause pain.

Sadly, following an epileptic fit this week, Loca suffered brain damage and was very distressed. Her owners made the decision to end her suffering in a peaceful way.

She will be remembered as a pug who touched many lives.

Cuppy from the Pugdashians 2004-2017

Cuppy and her pug siblings were rescue dogs with a difference. Their hilariously cute photos and videos went alongside their rescue work, bringing joy to their followers..

Two of her little pug siblings, Sissy and Nelly, are still in good health and will surely miss their sister, as will their 78k fans.

The trio participated in fundraisers and activities for rescue pugs. Fans who wish to support their work can purchase pins or magnets featuring them to raise money for charity.

RIP Cuppy, thank you for all your hard work!

Photo credit: The Bumblesnot/Violet the Pug/Loca the Pug/The Pugdashians

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