Last week a photo of Plymouth, Mass., policemen saluting Kaiser, a police dog in his final moments was posted on Reddit and shared widely on the social networks.

Kaiser, a 2 year old German Shepard who was donated to the police department in 2011 was diagnosed with a sever kidney disease. This heartwarming picture was taken when the officers gathered in support as Kaiser’s handler, Officer James Lebretton, brought him to be put down on Friday.

This photo drew condolences from all over the world, from Hoomans and from Dogs. Lebretton wrote in a post on the Plymouth police department Facebook page:

"The compassion was overwhelming and I am humbled at the support from perfect strangers."

The police department is now raising funds bring in a new partner for Lebretton. Contributions can be made here.

It is also hard to have a fellow dog leave us, may you rest in peace Kaiser.

Dog Reporter

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