This is the definition of of Christmas spirit - spreading the love and cheer to 500 animals and their future families... Adoptions by the hundreds were accomplished thanks to her!

Facilitating adoption

In order to make the adoption process easier, a woman decided to pay the sterilisation, vaccination and identification fees for 500 dogs and cats.

It's a new and awesome approach to the holiday season. The woman in question is called Kim Pacini-Hauch, who is an underwriter for luxury apartments in Sacramento in California.

Kim decided to dedicate a part of her fortune to the largest shelter in Sacramento, the Front Street Shelter. She told them that she wanted to pay the adoption fees for 500 dogs and cats by the end of the year.

The internet was touched

In order to spread the word about the project, the shelter decided to share a video on their facebook page. The video went viral and has already clocked up more than 10 million views.

The project also helped the shelter show people the state of the shelter system. The Front Animal Shelter says that they have to welcome 11,000 animals each year. These days, the adoption fees (the vaccination, sterilisation and identification) costs between 5 and 85 dollars.

50 animals adopted

It is true that sometimes, adoption fees can make people hesitate when adopting a pet. Thanks to Kim's initiative, there were 50 pets that had been adopted from the refuge from the very first day of the project!

The shelter as well as Kim wished only one thing: that all the animals have a family for Christmas!

Kim had already adopted her dog Teddy from a shelter in 1984. She had always wanted to help shelter animals since discovering the joy that this gave her with Teddy.

What a beautiful Christmas story! What do you think?

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