This little kitten spent his first weeks roaming around and taking care of himself until the day that he met an incredible dog.

Meet Koda and Jessie, a brave kitten and an adorable dog.

 koda et jessie en montagne

Koda was only eight weeks old when he was rescued. Before finding a proper home, he wandered around, searching for a safe, warm place where he could find food. Emily Aubrecht took the little animal under her wing and made all his dreams come true.

 koda et jessie foret

At the time, Emily had a three and a half year old Labradoodle (cross between a labrador and a poodle). Jessie is a friendly, happy pet. "From the very first day that Koda arrived at the house, Jessie instinctively took a liking to the young kitten. Since then, they've become inseparable." says Emily.

 koda et jessie dans le lit

Koda became so attached to his new friend that he doesn't leave her side, even on walks. Jessie takes the little kitten on walks, showing him off to the world with pride.

koda et jessie

"They are always together, whether they're going out, playing or sleeping!"

Jessie is teaching her kitten how to play and jump like a dog.

 koda et jessie

Koda often goes on adventures with his comrade. He has become like her shadow, walking in her footsteps.

 koda et jessie

After all, Koda learned everything he knows from her big sister and is very grateful. To thank her, he shows her his natural talent for climbing trees.

"They love wondering around outside, bickering and squabbling together. Their lives have become so much more exciting since they met, they now have walkie-buddies!"

 koda et jessie dans l'herbe

Koda, now aged four months, has a big sister to look after him and teach him about the world.

You can follow their adventures on their Instagram profile !

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