This cat that looks like a teddy bear, nicknamed " Persian in pajamas " is the most popular breed in Europe.Today learn more about this fluffy cat: the Exotic Shorthair.

Unlike most breeds, the Exotic Shorthair is a very recent breed. It was artificially created in the early 60s, in the USA, from a cross between a Persian, a Russian Blue and an American Shorthair. The idea was to get a cat with soft expression, a short-haired Persian. The breed was officially listed in 1984.

The breed is very popular in the United States even if it is less known than the Persian. For many, this is THE American cat breed.

It's a pretty big cat, short on legs, which can be any color. Its body is solid and rustic. Its feet are round and stubby. The coat is very soft and abundant.

Its uniqueness comes mostly from its all round and massive head. Its nose is "crushed". It has small, wide and almost round ears. Its eyes are round and wide. They are usually orange or butternut.

It has the  perfect domestic cat character. It is like the Persian but less proud, indifferent and more dynamic. It alternates between moments of extreme tranquility and genuine moments of madness! It has also inherited a very good hunting instinct: Do not be surprised to see an Exotic jump on everything that moves.

This is an easygoing cat, ideal for a first pet. It is adapted to apartment life.

The Exotic is usually reserved and meows very little. It is also very affectionate and not very independent. However, it doesn't like being handled too much.

As for its health, take care of its eyes which tend to tear up a lot. It is advisable to clean them frequently with cotton soaked in water. It is also a very greedy cat who can gain weight easily.

Now you know all about Exotic Shorthair cats!

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