As cat owners, we get accustomed to our kitty’s colourful variety of expressions very quickly. It’s easy to tell when they’re annoyed, happy or excited – it’s always written all over their cute little faces!

This list of the most common kitty expressions will have you nodding in agreement!

1. “I can’t see you”

When you don’t engage with your kitty on their terms, they might ‘ignore’ you to prove a point to you. But unlike humans, they struggle to maintain a convincing façade. Even when looking away from you, or closing their eyes not to see you – their slightly cocked ears give their game away!

chat sibérien gris

2. “I’m not tired”

Cats are known for loving epic naps, yet sometimes they fight against sleep - to our amusement. Their eyes droop, their bodies relax and just as sleep is about to overcome them – they jump up. And then whole process starts over again.  Just go to sleep, kitty! It’s not suddenly going to start raining treats – you’re not going to miss out on anything!

chat endormi un oeil gris

3. “Feed me”

This is perhaps the most common cat expression – we see it at least twice a day, if not 50! Every time we enter the kitchen, in fact.

chat demandant de la nourriture

4. “Look at me, I’m cute!”

Cats are very clever creatures. They know exactly when we’re about to leave the house, or when we’re on tight deadline for a project. It’s usually during these times that they put on their cutest expressions to make our hearts melt. Very few of us are immune to this kind of kitty cuteness! Who cares about that deadline anyway?!

chaton mignon gris herbe

5. “Mischief mode: Activated”

Cats think they are being stealthy when they’re looking for shenanigans, but the mischief in their demeanour is so obvious to humans. We’re onto you!

chat papier toilette

6. “Using the loo”

Most of us give our kitties some privacy when they visit the litter box. But sometimes it’s unavoidable to be in the same room as them when they squat. This doesn’t bother our cats, however. Not to be deterred, they focus and stare at on one spot in the room – not making eye contact with anything else- until they’ve managed to do their business.

chat roux litière

7. “Food, for me?”

No matter what tin of food you open in your kitchen – your cat will always assume it’s for them!

scottish fold chat gris

8. “You’re going down!”

No matter if the prey is a live mouse or a piece of paper on a string – all enemies get the same fierce pre-pounce expression!

chat joueur grands yeux

What's your favourite cat expression?

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