You recently had a newcomer in your household: a baby, a new love or just a new person? This should be a cause for happiness and yet your pet is unhappy. Why? Are they jealous? Let's try to resolve this very annoying situation.

Firstly, no, your pet is not jealous: indeed, this would require that they feel very precise feelings and especially be able to project themselves into the future, to consider the past etc ... But this is not the case, as their emotions are more simple than that. They think that the new baby is a possible new "master", and this disrupts their habits. It is also possible that your pet has had bad experiences with other humans.

En savoir plus sur la jalousie animale

So how to make your pet feel loved and gain confidence with the newcomer? First, impose new, stricter habits, for example forbidding them from sleeping with you in bed. Do not allow them to go on the couch etc ... But you must also continue to have special moments with them: keep going for walks, play with them regularly, and do not forget to keep a personal space for them to show that they have always a "place" in the home. The newcomer can also play with them, take them out etc ... in order to win their trust and love. It is very important to maintain good relations thereafter, and to avoid situations of conflict.

Tip: You can also make them inhale Bach Flowers: this homeopathic remedy is safe for your pet and reduces anxiety.

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