If you live in an apartment and your cat isn't allowed to wander around outside, a litter box is an essential accessory. However, when buying a litter box, it is important to take into account many different aspects. Here are the 5 golden rules that should be followed when trying to find the perfect litter and litter box for your cat.

The size of the litter box

It is sometimes tempting to select a small litter box that can be easily placed in your home. Some of them have doors or roofs, which helps to prevent odors. However, if your cat had a choice, he or she would probably prefer to just have a large box. In the wild, when cats do their business, they feel at their most vulnerable. An open litter box allows them to observe their surroundings and make them feel like they can easily flee if necessary.

Ideally, a litter box should be the size of the cat's body (including its tail).

The perfect spot for a litter box

Ideally and if possible, the litter box should be placed in front of the door allowing access to the room in question, without necessarily covering the passageway. This is to avoid disturbing your cat too much when he or she is doing their business.

The most suitable litter

There are many different types of litter: clay, corn, clumping, non-clumping, silica-based, scented, or not - the list goes on. It should be noted that cats originally came from the desert and even today, some cannot resist the call of the sand. The best litter for your cat is one that is as close to the texture of sand as possible and preferably without fragrance. It should be soft under their paws and also enable them to easily cover their waste.

How many litter boxes?

It is often advisable to double the number of boxes depending on the number of cats. For instance, if you have one cat, two litter boxes are ideal. If you have two cats, a minimum of three boxes is necessary.

Consider placing them in different areas of the house.

Litter box maintenance

When your cat goes next to the litter box, it's usually his way of letting you know that his box is too dirty for his taste and that it's time for you to pay some attention.

However, it is not necessary to clean the litter box too often either. After all, they need to find their familiar smell, which is why they rush to it when it's all clean. Cats want to bring their smell back in. You can pick up poop every 48 hours and pee every three to four days (especially for clumping litter).

What type of litter does your cat use?

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