There are a multitude of different cat litters for your kitty. Hopefully this will help you pick the right one for your furry feline.

Mineral cat litters

Mineral cat litter consists of small granules of natural clay. It is the cheapest and oldest type of litter but is still widely available and absorbs liquids well. However, it doesn't form clumps that are easily removed with a scoop and it doesn't absorb odors well. The litter must be cleaned and changed often. It can also create dust so it is not great for sensitive cats, especially those with lung problems.

Organic cat litters

There are different types of organic cat litters to chose from.

Sawdust or wood chips : 100% organic, this type of litter is completely biodegradable and can be used for compost. It retains moisture and odors while avoiding dust.

Pellets: this type of litter has the same advantages as sawdust litters. Only the form and prices vary. They are generally less expensive than other plant litters.

Corn litter: still biodegradable, this type of litter is dust-free and odorless. It does not stick to paws and must be changed every week.

Straw based litter: usually used for rodents, but it can also be used for cats. It neutralises odors and is very absorbent, making it very economical.

Recycled paper cat litters

Even though this type of litter is rare, it can be an interesting alternative for the "greenest" owners. In general, there are no additives, no chemicals and it is 100% biodegradable.

Crystal cat litters

The little crystals are formed by silica gel. It is very absorbent, provides good odor control and produces less dust than clay litters. Meaning less frequent litter changes! As good as that sounds, crystal litters are more expensive than other kinds of litter.

What type of litter did you choose?

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