If you often take your dog to a grooming parlor, you are probably apprehensive, just like many other pet parents.

Would you like to find a better grooming parlor? One which you trust, doesn't have hygiene issues or where your dog feels better? Here are some tips to find the best grooming parlor for your dear doggy.

1. Ask your groomer how they organise appointments

Groomers organise their appointments in different ways. Their method of organisation can have a direct impact on the stress or well-being of your dog during their appointment.

Collective appointment

With this method, the groomers can look after several pets at the same time. For efficiency, they are placed in spaces where there are dryers designed especially for dogs. However, your dog my be scared of these dryers. This can take three hours.

Half-day appointment

With this method, dogs come at a specific time, usually in the morning. Your dog is looked after for the whole dog, so that you can drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. This is useful for people who work.

Individual appointments

Unlike the first two methods, where your pet will spend time in a cage, here the groomer will use higher-power driers to shorten the drying time. This is a good option if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or if they don't like being in a cage. With this option, the dog has the undivided attention of the groomer. The grooming time may vary from 30 minutes for a Chihuahua to 3 hours for a Newfoundland.

2. Take into account word-of-mouth

Ask your family, friends, and look at online reviews. Don't hesitate to ask your groomer for their qualifications and specialities. Some groomers are specialised in small or large dogs, or even puppies, senior dogs or aggressive dogs.

3. Find the right price

Try to find an estimate from five or six different groomers for the same dog. This will help you to get an idea of the price range.

Some parlors change their prices depending on breed, size or time spend. Some extras, such as teeth brushing, some shampoos or presents can be free when groomers have offers on. You should always ask what is included in the base price. If there are large differences in price between salons, don't hesitate to play the competition and ask why.

The right groomer will create a relationship with your dog and make what could be stressful moment less so. Even with the best groomer, your dog may still be anxious, so it's important not to choose a groomer randomly!

How did you choose your grooming parlor? Are you satisfied?

Sources : iheartdogs


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