Well educated, this is the perfect companion willing to do anything to make you happy.

In the media, the Rottweiler is considered to be a dangerous dog. Poorly educated and in the hands of uninformed people or with bad intentions, in fact it can become dangerous as most uneducated dogs. However, its physical characteristics make it a formidable opponent, for example compared to Chihuahua. This is why intensive and serious education from an early age is essential.

Its size from ranges from 56 to 68 cm.

Weight: 42 to 54 Kg

Its coat is always black and tan.


The Rottweiler is very intelligent which makes it rather easy to educate.

Its iron jaw makes it one of the world's strongest dog.

Very protective, it will be very loyal to his master and his family. Socialize with young children at a young age.

Previously, their tails were cut off almost automatically. Today, many countries prohibit it because there is no real incentive to do so. In France, it is illegal but with an exception: "make the cut tail docking or within the first 10 days of life of the animal while the myelination of the tail that ends 15 days after birth."


Due to mass reproduction, it is subject to problems of dysplasia, bone disorders and entropion (eyelids rolling inward).


The Rottweiler has a tendency to lose his hair a lot so regular brushing is required if you do not want hair in every corner of your home.


It can live everywhere if you give them all the exercise they need.


Each dog has its own personality and characteristics, but in general the Rottweiler, once well educated, is an ideal dog for the family. It requires regular maintenance. He needs lots of exercise and education. By giving him everything he needs, you will find him a faithful companion, gentle and protective.

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