Have you seen the Purrmanently Sad Cat (PSC) yet?

This adorable kitten became famous on the internet because of her sad expression. Her owner, a 21-year-old woman from New Orleans, posted a picture of her on Reddit and it immediately caused a buzz!

Sad Cat

Everybody wants to give PSC a cuddle to get that sad look off her face. Even though the kitten looks sad, she isn’t. She is a happy and healthy kitten!

Her owner posted the following: “PSC is very healthy and well taken care of. She lives the life of luxury, attacking my toes from under the bed, chewing on fingertips, following my dog around and picking on her siblings!”

puurmanently sad cat

Adorable Kitten

The adorable kitten doesn’t have a name yet. Her owner has asked for some suggestions. Someone believes she should be called Jon Snow, because she looks like the Game of Thrones character. However she is a girl so that name just won’t do.

If you have any good suggestions, leave a comment!

puurmanently sad cat

 Photo: Reddit- _moonflower_   


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