This dog met his pet parent when he was only a puppy, and ever since then the duo have been inseparable.

A Whippet at the end of his life

Walnut was an 18 year old Whippet. He lead a happy life filled with lover and tenderness with his pet parent Mark Woods in England. Unfortunately, his health began to decline very rapidly and his family had to make a decision.

Mark's heart broke when he decided to put Walnut down. He was distraught... and therefore decided to take Walnut for a last walk with hundreds of people to support them both.

"Unfortunately, I need to put Walnut down on Saturday 12th November. I want to take Walnut on a last walk on his favourite beach, Port Beach, at about 9h30," posted Mark to Facebook.

"I would love for other dog owners and dog lovers to join us."

A call for solidarity on Facebook

Hundreds of people shared Mark's post on Facebook in the hope of offering Walnut the best farewell possible. The family became shocked on the day of due to the sheer number of people invested in coming to this final walk.

On Saturday at 9:30 hundreds of people came to the beach to support Mark and Walnut, welcoming and happy to see the dog appreciate his last walk on his favourite beach.

Walnut was much too weak to be able to walk alone, so his pet parent carried him for the duration of the walk, bundled up in a warm blanket. The duo were followed by their family, friends and well-wishers from Facebook. People young and old, from near and far, came to support them.

After the walk, at about midday, Walnut departed this earth. His parents, as well his his dog-brothers Monty, Nelson and Charlie were there to see him go... all were there to make sure that Walnut's last moments were filled with love and hope.

A beautiful end to a happy life

"Thank you to the hundreds of people that joined us on our walk this morning, and to all the people who took their walk at 9h30 around the world," said Mark on Facebook after Walnut went to his final sleep.

Walnut lived a happy life with his pet parent, and thanks to him, he left this earth knowing that he was loved...

A very moving story that proves to us just how strong the link between animals and humans are. Would you have done the same in Mark's place?

Source : The dodo

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