15-year-old Squishy ​​and her 17-year-old sister were rescued from euthanasia in March. Unwilling to leave her new mum's side, this clingy cat now gets around in a front-facing baby carrier!

An uncertain destiny

Squishy and her sister were abandoned for reasons unknown to Karyn Poplin, founder of Kitty Adventure Rescue League in Fort Worth, Texas. Karyn took them back to her sanctuary to try and find them new homes.

Speaking of their abandonment, Karyn said: "We are unsure of the actual reason, but the two sisters needed a place or they were going to be euthanised."

When the cats arrived at Karyn's sanctuary, Squishy took an especially strong liking to Karyn and began demanding constant love and attention from her.

Karyn's love for Squishy was also instant and while we'd say they were inseparable, it was more that Squishy wouldn't leave Karyn's side - at all!

squishy squishy squishy

A clingy cat!

Karyn said Squishy loves to be held and "doesn't much mind anything else so long as she's in my way".

Other cats or people at the shelter don't get a look in from Squishy who follows Karyn with every step, meowing loudly until she gets picked up.

If I'm holding her, she just smiles and purrs. I can go about my business. If I'm not holding her, she gets annoyed at me. If I flat out ignore her, she will sneak under my blanket or behind my back just to be near me."

Squishy even falls asleep on Karyn!

It got to the point where Karyn was almost unable to complete tasks using both hands she decided to take a little inspiration from new parents - using a baby carrier!

squishy squishy

A baby carrier for a clingy cat

Strapped to the front and snuggled up against Karyn, Squishy can now be in constant contact with Karyn while mum can use both hands.

Although unable to zip the sides of the carrier up, thanks to Squishy's extra, err, squishy skin, Karyn says her new best friend is very happy.

"Anything to be an inconvenience and to have my full attention!"

squishy squishy

To mix things up, Karyn also uses a towel as a sling to wrap Squishy around her chest. This way Squishy can face into mum.

Based on these photos, nothing seems to makes Squishy happier than being cuddled all day by her mum. While much less insistent on 24/7 cuddles, Squishy's sister is also loving her new, snuggly life.

Let's just say we think Squishy's one very clever kitty!


Source: LoveMeow

Photo credits: Kitty Adventure Rescue League

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