Saying goodbye to your childhood pet is heartbreaking, but these sisters found the perfect way to pay tribute to their beloved furry family member.

Tough decision

The Dobble sisters were grief-stricken when they realised that the time had come to say goodbye to their sixteen-year-old Jack Russell, Tigger. He had to be put down due to health reasons. “It was an extremely hard decision to make, but we knew it was best for him to do so. He had a great life…we knew he was tired and we all knew it was time for us to lay his gentle, precious soul to rest,” says Louise Dobble.

soeurs photo jack russel terrier

Saying goodbye

Before saying their final goodbye, sisters Louise, Elizabeth, Samantha and Lauren decided to get together to talk about their favourite memories of Tigger. “There are thousands of stories and memories we now cherish of Tigger, and moments that will make us smile for the rest of our lives,” Louise says.

While reminiscing, the sisters came across the first photo they ever took with Tigger. They then decided to recreate the photo in order to have one of the day they said hello to Tigger, and the one they said goodbye to him.

The photo was the perfect way to greet their doggy brother. Surrounded by his family, Tigger said his final goodbye in his bed in the home they shared.

“It was the perfect send-off for our king.”


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