Do cats prefer to live indoors or outdoors? Actually, it depends of their mood, disposition and the family they live with.

Getting into the habit

Kittens get to the habit of being outdoorsy, or not, very young. According to where they were born (in a house or a flat) their lifestyle preferences will be oriented in a particular direction. If a kitten has seen their mother hunting field mice and had the chance to experience their first steps in the grass, they are more likely to enjoy this outdoor life; even though they can get used to an appartement lifestyle. At the opposite end of the spectrum, kittens born in an appartement know that their liberties are framed by the walls, doors and windows.

Outdoor fun or indoor comfort?

The freedom of outdoor cats has a high cost. You will need to vaccinate your pet against diseases such as feline leukemia virus and neuter or spay them as soon as they're old enough, that is to say 4 months old. Unsterilized cats will reproduce quickly, be more likely to fight and get injured. Also, they will be more likely to run away and be involved in an accident.

Good fit out

To go from an appartement to a house, and vice versa demands training. Some cats are more adaptable than others. If you move from a house to an appartement, make sure that your cat enjoys the maximum of their new place : settle shelves so they can climb and enjoy hight spots for watching around... and take naps. Most of the cats will be happy anywhere around you, but you must know that some cats used to outdoor life won't be happy locked in a flat.

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