A dog bed is an indispensable accessory for your pet. This place will become their space and refuge, and we all know that a well cared for dog leads to a great human-fur friend relationship.

It is necessary to provide your dog with a place to sleep where they will be able to rest well and comfortably.

Depending on the training given to your dog, the dog bed will play an important role in teaching your pet where they do and do not have the right to go. This in turn reinforces where the authority lies in your relationship with them (ultimately with you).

Which dog bed should I choose?

There are many different dog beds available for you to choose. Be it a form of mattress, basket, corner area, or even a cushion, the bed must be adapted to your dog.

It is important that your dog be able to feel at ease in their bed so that they feel safe to return there. It will also dictate the quality of their sleep. You will quickly discover if the wrong choice of bed has been made - your dog simply won't sleep in it! They will find somewhere else more comfortable for them, which may pose a challenge for you.

Above all, dogs will search for warmth (unless it's a scorching night), which is why baskets with rims are an advantage. The presence of a cushion or mattress will provide insulation and allow them to make their bed into a comfy nook. It will also give your dog the impression that they are protected, which is important for pets.

Choosing the right dog bed will also depend on the age of your pet. Consider prioritising a structurally strong basket for puppies or a comfortable, more manoeuvrable bed for older dogs.

Where should I put my dog's bed?

The place where you put the bed will depend on your dog's personality, and also that of your own requirements. If your dog is more independent, the place can be further away, even closer to the garden, while a lapdog may want a resting spot closer to yours.

The choice of place is important. It should not be noisy, so that they can properly rest. It is strongly advised not to put the bed under a table or hidden by furniture as your dog may feel isolated.

If you wish to place your dog's bed away from your living room areas, where possible, teach your dog from a very young age which areas are for sleeping and which are for playing/relaxing etc. When first establishing your pet's bed location, you may like to leave them a piece of your clothing with your scent on it to provide reassurance for the first few nights. It is harder to get an older dog used to this.

Teaching your dog to sleep in their bed

So that your dog will go happily to their bed, it is important to get them used to it, ideally when they are young. You may like to teach this as a command, encouraging them to go to their bed several times a day in the beginning, in order for them to understand what you are asking of them.

You may like to use the clicking method to help with the training process, as well as toys and of course pats and treats. Your dog will quickly learn how to please you and obey your requests.

Once your dog is used to their bed, it is important to let them have moments of peace in that spot. If they decide to sleep during the day, ensure that those in the home leave your fur friend in peace until they're ready to interact again.

Where does your dog sleep?

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