The new app called Toca Pet Doctor, is a fun ‘game’ that allows your children to choose fifteen animals and then to take care of them! Could your child be a vet in the making? This app could test many things, including their ability to show compassion.

Through this application, children can become vets and heal the wounds and illnesses of different animals. This is a rather nice and fun way to introduce children to animals and what takes place at a vet. More importantly, show children the importance of proper pet care and the dangers of mistreating animals.

This app is recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old, but there is nothing stopping you from having a go as well! On the app the kids can also take care of the animals by feeding them and playing with them. This is great practice for them, if you are looking to get a pet.

The CEO of Toca Boca, Bjorn Jeffery, says: “The toys we give our children influence their future and contribute to the values of society”.

Have you tried this app? 

Source: Mac4ever

Photo: Toca Pet Doctor

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