For many cat lovers, this would be the dream job! And now one lucky person’s dream is about to come true as they get set to look after 55 cats on the Greek island of Syros.

40,000 apply for dream job

Joan and Richard Bowell have finally found the perfect person to take care of their shelter (God's Little People Cat Rescue) for six months while they are away. An American woman from California was chosen out of 40,000 applicants for the job. The dream role was announced this August, which created a buzz online. Applicants from all over the world tried hard to explain why they should be selected to stay on the island of Syros (all expenses paid), and care for and protect the little feline refugees for four hours each day. Sadly, there could only be one successful applicant.

Who was the lucky applicant?

66-year-old Jeffyne Telson immediately thought this job was perfect for her, and that she had to make her dreams come true. Jeffyne had an ideal profile. She has been managing a shelter for stray cats in Santa Barbara for 11 years. She has also already been to Greece three times in search for more strays. 3,000 cats were saved, thanks to her.

Her mission will be ongoing for 6 months, from November, all the way through to spring. During her absence, her cats back in California will be looked after by her husband and the shelter's volunteers.

We all wish her good luck with the new 'purrfect' adventure!

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