The beautiful Pitbull Poly is very special as she is blind. The poor dog was abandoned by her owners and left on a public park bench in Santa Barbara in California.

Abandoned Pets

There are many different forms of animal cruelty and abandoning your pet is definitely one of them. What makes this story even worse is that Poly, who is a very lovable dog, is blind, has skin and heart conditions and was very scared. She has also recently given birth to puppies, who were nowhere to be seen.

Poly’s Second Chance

Luckily Poly was found by the Santa Barbara County Animal Services in the park. She is now living in a very loving foster home and is waiting for permanent adoption! Vets are treating her conditions as well, and any donations will help tremendously!

Poly’s Amazing Spirit

Poly is doing very well now that she is getting some love and attention too. She likes to dress up in various costumes including a yellow duck suit and pink ballerina skirt! Going through a tough time did not take away Poly’s loving and fun spirit!

We hope that Poly finds a loving home soon and gets the life she deserves!

Source: Bored Panda

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