This dog certainly has one perfect guardian angel! Boomer the dog fell into a ravine during a family walk. A young woman found him and carried him on her back for 6 hours in order to save his life.

An unforgettable encounter

While on a hike with her father Kasper in Mount Idaho (USA), Tia Vargas, 40, made an unexpected encounter with an injured dog accompanied by two other hikers. The single mother of three did not hesitate to help him.

"They asked me if the dog was mine because they had seen a poster down the path that said someone had lost their dog," said Tia. "The name Boomer was on his tag, and then I realised that he was injured. The two hikers wanted to continue climbing up the mountain, so I thought, OK, Boomer, I'll help you."

The dog, however, did not seem to be able to walk on his own. His eyes and body were swollen and he looked dehydrated. He also had scratches on his stomach and head.

Tia then decided to carry the beautiful English Springer (weighing 23 kilos) on her shoulders and bring him down the mountain. She then met up with her father who was waiting for her at a resting point, too tired to continue the climb.

"My father laughed and said: 'As if this hike isn't difficult enough, you have to carry a dog too?' " recalls Tia.

It then started to rain, so Tia decided to take the easier path. However, it was closed due to severe landslides. She had no choice but to back off and take the hilly route.

"We got lost twice, I couldn't see the trail very well. At one point we had the river on either side of us. We followed a bushy path and my legs were all scraped and eventually they gave way. It continued to rain, so I put Boomer next to me and I laid down because I just couldn't take it anymore," Tia recounted.

Fortunately, Tia was able to count on her father's support. She managed to motivate herself to leave and after more than six hours of effort, she finally arrived back.


Tia remembered what the hiker couple had told her about the "lost dog" posters, so she began to see if she could find one herself.

"I managed to find the famous "lost dog" poster and the owner's number. He fell into a ravine the day before and they had been looking for him since."

Boomer's family were extremely touched by Tia's bravery. They then told Tia that they were going to move away soon and that they couldn't keep Boomer anymore. They also offered to pay for Boomer's medical fees if she accepted to adopt him.

"Boomer is a part of our family now," She said."I feel like there is a reason why I was there when he needed help. We both had a guardian angel watching over us that day."

Boomer has since recovered from his injuries and will be able to go on an adventure with his new owner, Tia, who has also created a Facebook group so everyone can follow his adventures!

Photo credits: Tia Maree Vargas.

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