This two-month old kitten has a rare illness that makes him lose his balance, but luckily, this didn't stop him from finding a home. 

Emma Wheat, who is his new pet parent, couldn't sleep for thinking about him…

A neurological disease

Grant has cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a neurological issue that makes him lose his balance.

"He doesn't know that he's different, and he won't have the same quality of life as other cats," said Christina Hill, the communications manager at the Atlanta Humaine Society.

"He's just a bit drunk from time to time," she added.

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Grant and Emma meet

"When I went there for a photoshoot, a woman came immediately to adopt him," explained Christina Hill, just a little earlier in the week.

"She came back the very next day to meet him having researched his condition all night, and she was the first to adopt this morning, as soon as we opened the doors of the centre".

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 After having seen Grant for the first time, Emma Wheat went back home but couldn't think of anything but him.

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"I've done research about his condition, so I've learnt a lot about his illness and his needs," she said.


"I didn't sleep a wink all night, I was so excited at the idea of coming to adopt him this morning. I've already prepared his food and water bowls!"

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He's going to help handicapped children


Emma Wheat is a musicotherapist who works with children showing learning difficulties.

She plans to let Grant show to the children that being different doesn't mean being less happy than any other cat.

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"It seemed so obvious to me, I just had to adopt him," declared Emma. "He's perfect and I already love him so much. He doesn't know how much he'll be spoiled!".

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 "We are so happy to have been able to reunite Emma and Grant, and we are proud of this cat who will help handicapped children for the rest of his life," added Christina Hill.

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Grant was lucky enough to meet Emma, and she him!


What do you think of this story? Would you have adopted Grant?

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