The Japanese have started a retirement home for dogs only, which are old and want some peace and quiet in their last years.

The Idea

Retail store chain, Aeon, came up with the idea of an old age home for dogs and will be opening the first one in Tokyo! The retirement home will take care of old dogs 24/7.

The Facilities

The facilities are amazing; they will have a spa, a beauty salon, a gym, a pool and a rehab centre. Everything has been created for them to be comfortable.

“Many pets are getting old while their owners are also ageing. This is a serious social issue. I hope this business will provide part of the solution for this problem,” said Akihiro Ogawa, the company president.


This facility doesn’t come cheap though - to have professionals take care of your ageing dog is not that affordable for everyone. Its costs around $1000 a month for a small dog and $2000 for a bigger dog.

Would you send your dog to a doggy retirement home?

Source: AFP

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