The relationship between fire-fighters and dogs is one that needs little explanation. It's the kind of relationships we search for with humans all the time! So, when these firefighters rushed into a burning building to save six pit bull pups, very few people were surprised.


It was a routine call for these firemen and as they began to fight the burning flames they heard cries from the house. Uncertain how to ascertain what was making the noise, they crashed through the doors fearlessly to help. Then they saw six defenceless little pups trying to survive the fire and thanks to these firemen, they did!


Here is where we'd all expect the story to end, right? Except it isn't - these awesome men then went to go visit these pups just a few days later to see how they were doing! Isn't that awesome?

We're not going to tell you too much more about this video except that you should keep an eye on the tails of the puppies! Always watch the tails...

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