Here are a few signs that you are totally crazy for your pet, a true pet lover! It may even be a little weird…

1. You don’t stop talking to them, even when you are alone.

2. You are pretty sure your pet is a human.

3. You give you pet many nicknames.

4. Your pet is definitely the cutest pet there is.

5. When your pet refuses to give you any attention, there is always a reason to justify it.

6. You consider your pet to be a family member.

7. When your pet sleeps, you watch them. Just because it’s so cute!

8. You cannot imagine a holiday without your pet.

9. You are as excited as your pet when it’s time to feed them.

10. You don’t go out much because you don’t want to leave them alone.

11. You celebrate their birthday every year!

12. Sometimes you imagine the two of you being heroes in a movie.

13. You won’t go to a party if they can’t go with.

14. You dress them up in the winter.

15. You spend more money on your pet than on yourself.

16. You won’t date someone if your pet doesn’t like them.

17. Your pet is your date to weddings.

18. Finally, you give them all the love an loyalty that you can.

So what’s the diagnosis?  

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