In addition to their boundless love and sweet nature, one of the reasons that Golden Retrievers are so popular is the ease with which they can be trained. And that can make life easier for everyone!

Golden Retrievers don't need excessive grooming, nor do they need a 10km walk each day. They are incredibly social and intelligent, and have an ability for learning new things easily. But this doesn't mean that Golden Retrievers don't have their own specific needs.

If you are a pet parent of a Golden Retriever, or you wish to become one, take note of the following three tips to help keep your pooch happy and healthy.

#1 Clean your Golden Retriever's ears

One of the biggest worries for pet parents of Golden Retrievers are those big, floppy ears. They represent a very comfortable environment for the development of bacteria. Invisible to the naked eye, this bacteria can be difficult to detect and know when it needs treating.

In order to maintain proper hygiene of your dog's ears, you should put in place a regular cleaning routine. It is for their well-being and to avoid having to manage more complicated problems.

golden retriever

#2 Train them not to chew on household items 

Whether they're a puppy or full-grown pooch, it's likely your Golden Retriever is going to get their paws, or more accurately their mouth and teeth, on everything!

Golden's have a very large and flexible mouth allowing them to chomp into a variety of different things. It's not hard for them to destroy almost anything - from kid's toys to leather shoes and more...

Focus on training your Golden to understand the importance of not biting on or chewing everyday items around the house. This will help to go a long way in avoiding drama in the home and curb potential behavioural problems in your fur friend.

#3 Golden Retrievers don't like to be alone

While many dogs don't like being left alone, Golden Retrievers fall well and truly into this category. They are very social creatures and given the choice, they would stick to us like glue.

It's not uncommon for Goldens to want to stay with their owner for the entire day. Therefore, it's important to set various boundaries and teach them certain rules if you don't want to find yourself with a fluffy, 30kg furball at your heals 24/7!

Ensuring that your Golden's education is thorough and fair, you will help both yourself and your best friend from behavioural issues down the track. Once trained and respect well established, your Golden Retriever will provide you with oodles of love, happiness, and loyalty.

Source: iheartdogs

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