Unlike humans, dogs are not able to understand words. However, they can understand sounds and remember up to 100 spoken commands.

Find out some tips to talk to your pet and make them obey.

Be brief

When you talk to your dog, use short words (up to 2 syllables). They are easier to understand and remember. Don’t forget that words have no meaning for an animal, only the sounds are important. Don’t use phrases that your pet will not understand when you are asking them something.

Be constant

For the same order, always use the same word. If you change the word to ask the same thing to your dog, they will suppose that they are two different orders and will be confused. The whole family must use the same words.

Be calm

Animals are very sensitive to intonation. Yelling at your dog might make them aggressive. Remember that dogs hear 10 times better than we do, so no need to raise your voice! Your dog will better understand a quiet order and therefore, carry it out faster.

Add gestures

Dogs assimilate orders better if you add gestures. Just like words, they must be calm and brief.

Source: nosamisleschiens.fr
Photo credit : Thinkstock

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