Hello Humans,

While I was gamboling around the neighborhood I came across the most surprising ad: one with a picture of a cat attempting to look “seductive” reads: “I just can’t help myself!” while another says: “Hanky-panky with bite! Riding and fighting, Ruff boys only, gagging for a scrap.”

Oh my Dog! What is this all about? Well the Mayhew Animal Home is using “sex cards” in a campaign to overcome Uk's pet overpopulation problem.

These postcards are identical to a prostitutes calling card, only they feature pets instead of naked women.


Quite shocking, isn't it?

Actually that's the point, the animal charity admitted the “provocative” postcards - based on prostitute calling cards - would cause controversy but said it needed to shock in order to highlight the “chronic” situation of abandoned cats and dogs.

The problem is, many puppies, kittens and children might see this ad, and it ma be very disturbing for them.

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